Vos responsabilités

As a full scope HR partner, guiding, supporting, advising and coaching the line management of the assigned department/sub-area with all personnel-related, organizational and work-related issues, aligning the HR policy with the objectives/reality of the business and using this as leverage to implementation, ensuring good communication between all parties involved as a go-between, as well as contributing to the further development of HR policy by leading or participating in projects with an HR impact, in order to translate HR policy as effectively as possible into reality strengthen the business and its implementation and contribute to the operational excellence of the assigned departments.
HR services to business & change management
Based on a thorough knowledge and vision of the activities and objectives of the departments, guiding line management in all 'people-related' aspects of decisions, helping to translate the company-wide HR strategy into an HR plan for the (assigned) business, as well as facilitating change processes, in order to align the HR vision and strategy with the needs of the departments and contribute to operational excellence.
Act as the main point of contact and partner for both the business and the own HR department, with the aim of providing line management with efficient and effective information and communication regarding HR policies, tools and solutions, as well as the application of HR strategies – and adapt procedures to the needs of the business.
Workforce planning, Talent Development & Internal Mobility
Prepare and follow up the strategic planning of the staff, proactively look for internal potential and advise line management on further development of the staff and have this translated into individual and collective education and training needs, in order to contribute to the optimal quantitative and qualitative staff deployment and create a culture of leadership and continuous development.

HR Enabler
Based on the analysis of the key figures of the department (turnover, absenteeism, agency work, …) and the context elements of the departments, guide the management in interpreting these figures and, if necessary, in drawing up corrective action plans in order to use these key figures as to use true levers towards operational excellence.
Social Relations
Coaching/preparing/supporting line management in the management of formal and informal contacts with the social partners, conducting negotiations on an individual level and supporting line management in local trade union delegations, in order to achieve a positive social impact within the framework of social-legal provisions. climate and anticipate and solve any problems.
Individual files
Autonomous management of individual files, guiding and advising management during the file construction, as well as during the various communication moments, in order to guarantee that the file is handled correctly both socially and legally.
Project management
Participate in, direct and follow up projects with HR impact within the assigned organizational unit in line with the project plan and deliverables, in order to ensure the realization of the project within budget, time and in accordance with the agreed objectives.

Votre profil

  • Master's degree or equivalent through experience
  • 4 to 7 years of experience in a generalist HR role within an environment with operational impact
  • Thorough understanding of the activities, subculture/life environment, priorities and objectives of the assigned business
  • Thorough knowledge of hard and soft HR domains and techniques
  • Knowledge of MS Office applications
  • People management skills and coaching skills (to coach line management)
  • Strong social negotiation techniques
  • Diplomatic communication skills
  • Strong Influencing Skills
  • Professional knowledge of French, Dutch and English
  • Listening skills
  • Change management skills
  • Conceptual thinking and strategic insight
  • Strong planning and organization skills (efficient time management)

Notre offre

You end up in a stable company that is part of a rock-solid group. A company of Belgian origin with a rich history. Sustainable entrepreneurship and building a healthy lifestyle are our top priorities. We offer you the opportunity to be at the helm of an organization in full change.